The Difference Between Social Media Management Vs Social Media Advertising


Social media is a powerful marketing tool, BUT ONLY if you know your way around the platform. So if you’re going to use social media to promote your business, you have to make sure you’re using them well to your advantage.

For starters, a winning social media marketing is composed of two overarching strategies—social media management and social media advertising.

“Aren’t these two basically the same?” you might ask. The truth of the matter is, they’re not. There’s a big difference between the two. And it’s great that you’re learning about this now before working on the nitty-gritty stuff! This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can set-up your social media channels for success.

So what exactly is the difference between the two and why is it important to include both in your marketing plan?

What is social media management?

Social media management is the organic component of social media marketing. What do we mean by organic? This is the act of growing your community naturally, or in a simpler term—unpaid social media marketing activities. 

Social media management involves creating business pages in channels like Facebook or Instagram, sharing posts, engaging with your audience, and responding to queries. These are all efforts that you can freely do across different social media channels.  

What is social media advertising?

On the other hand, social media advertising refers to running paid ads on social media channels. These are sponsored posts that appear on users’ timeline, on Messenger, on Instagram stories, and other ad placements.

Social media ads are targeted based on the objectives of your campaign. Want to grow your follower base? Increase your brand awareness? Boost your sales? As a business, you are given the ability to achieve all these by advertising on social media channels.

Which one is better: social media management or social media advertising?

There simply is no better strategy than the other—the two go hand-in-hand. As mentioned earlier in this post, winning social media marketing is composed of these two overarching strategies. It’s important to allocate and invest your time, effort, and money in both.

While social media management focuses on building relationships with your community, social media advertising ensures that you are reaching the right audience in the first place by putting your brand in front of users who are looking or might be interested in what you offer.

Not sure if you can handle both social media management and advertising?

Only when you find the right balance between the management and advertising aspects of social media can you maximise the vast power of this marketing tool. But we will be completely honest, this is going to require a tremendous amount of time and effort.

If you’re not sure you have the resources to handle the work, don’t worry, we’re willing to lend a hand to startup businesses like yours. We have a team of designers, writers, branding and social media experts who can help you whip up and execute a winning social media plan without breaking the bank. Schedule a FREE consultation now and let’s create something awesome!

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