The Importance of Using Twitter for Small Businesses

Twitter for Small Businesses


There is little need to elaborate on the Importance of social media platforms for businesses. From the neighbourhood café shop to MNCs operating across the world, every business utilises social media channels. However, small businesses are often not clear about using specific social media platforms properly.

Twitter, for example, is not only meant for use by celebs and teenagers! It can be useful for SMBs too. If you own a small business, it is time you start using Twitter without delay. It can fetch your venture numerous benefits, and limited capital will not be an issue.

The Main Benefits of Using Twitter for the SMBs

– Strong Connection with the Target Buyers

Twitter has a huge user base, and that keeps growing with time. By not using this platform, you risk losing out so many target customers! Even if your company caters to a niche market or location, Twitter can be useful to connect with that specific audience. Apart from that, Twitter helps you connect with the existing customers, and you get to know more about their preferences and opinions.

– Relationship Strengthening

With Twitter, it becomes easier to develop a relationship with your customers online, and you can nurture it too. You have to post tweets that are of use to your customers. However, keep direct marketing posts limited.

– Brand Image Development

If you have a small venture, it is important to develop a robust brand image. Of course, your brand needs a logo, but in the early days, it will benefit from having a Twitter profile. It may be a good idea to build a personal profile first. Once you gain a good number of followers, introduce them to the brand.

– Launching New Products

Along with YouTube and Facebook, you can use Twitter to tease the upcoming products of your brand. Not everyone is fond of checking out those platforms frequently. By using Twitter, you ensure the target customers get to know about the upcoming range of products.

– Ideal for Busy People

There are people who live a hectic life and lack time to check out long Facebook feeds and videos. However, they can manage to read the tweets as it involves a few seconds.

– Good for Obtaining Feedback

Many businesses use online survey forms to gather customer feedback. It is a handy option, but many of your customers don’t have enough time to fill lengthy forms online! You can use Twitter to your advantage. You can simply follow the conversations about your brand products. That will be enough for getting customer opinions. You may also conduct a poll using your brand’s Twitter account.

– Ideal for Promotional Purposes

Much like other social media platforms, you can utilise Twitter to promote your brand products effectively. Posting a tweet about your upcoming offers and limited period deals can be handy. You can use it to offer coupon codes.

Finding the Right Agency for Twitter Marketing

While using Twitter can be great for business promotion and customer relationship boosting, you should hire a suitable agency. A skilled and veteran digital marketing company can develop a Twitter marketing campaign for your small business. In this regard, you can rely on the services of OakWill agency.

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