The Branding Lesson You Can Learn From Your Favourite Personalities


The secret to successful branding, just like any other forms of success, is consistency. You can launch a brand that stands out and leaves a good impression from the get-go, but you can still fail to position your brand in the minds of the consumers if you neglect to be consistent.

Because it’s one thing to establish your branding, and it’s another thing to be consistent with your branding. But both are keys to achieving branding success.

Let’s take a look at a few of the world’s favourite celebrities and cartoon characters for example. Do you ever wonder what it takes for these personalities to create a recognisable presence and a strong connection with their fans? It’s consistent personal branding. 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the embodiment of #goals. Take a tour of her social media channels and you’ll see bits and pieces of her life lived in glitz and glamour. All thanks to her consistent aspirational branding, she now has over a hundred million followers on Instagram alone, endorsements left and right, and a valued billion-dollar cosmetic company.

Ariana Grande

You know you did it right when people try to dress like you. Long half-ponytail, cats ears, and knee-high stiletto boots—it’s the epitome of personal branding. Without a doubt, Ariana Grande’s unworldly vocals were the key that drove her career to success, but it’s her signature look that made her a fierce force in the showbiz industry. 

Mickey Mouse

When it comes to consistent branding, there’s no better example to learn from Mickey Mouse. Almost everyone spent their childhood finding hidden Mickeys. From being an animated cartoon to appearing in short films to becoming a full-fledged brand both children and adults have come to love—there’s no doubt Mickey is the most famous mouse on planet Earth.

2 Epic Examples of Successful Branding

When it comes to branding success, these two household names always come up first on our list. Consumers feel familiar with them, they are positioned on top of people’s minds, and their products are perceived better from the rest—all thanks to consistent branding.


Coca-Cola doesn’t sell a carbonated drink on a sexy bottle. It sells happiness—the spirit of happiness that comes out of popping a bottle of Coke. And in over a century of building their brand, they have mastered what it truly means to leave this lasting imprint on consumers’ minds. So even if Coca Cola’s product range has been changing and the brand has been adapting to emerging trends, the company makes it a point to maintain the same messaging: Coke=happiness.


Successful branding can be measured by how much their brand identity can be recognised without mentioning their name. What brand comes into your mind when you see a bitten apple? And what ideas immediately come into your mind when you hear the brand Apple? It’s probably sleek, innovative, and technology. It’s so easy to recognize Apple because of how consistent it was able in cultivating its branding. Every effort of Apply ties seamlessly together—from the products to the packaging to the messaging to even the leaders’ personal branding. The slogan “Think Different” alone separates apple from its market competitors leaving the consumer feeling like they can be more creative and innovative.

How about you, what brand do you think has the most epic successful branding strategy?

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