Smart and Responsible Marketing Tips in Time of COVID-19


The opening of a new decade has shaken us with different adversities left and right. And with this, small businesses have been facing great impacts that continue to challenge entrepreneurs during this time of uncertainty. Believe us when we say that we understand you. Being a business owner is already a daring feat in itself. But being a business owner in a time like this? That’s a different level of difficulty. 

As we face what probably is the most unimaginable crisis this generation has encountered to date, our purpose is to help you ease your worries by providing actionable plans on how to continue marketing your business smartly and responsibly. Our hope for you is to realise how these challenges are actually opportunities to shape up your company culture and improve your marketing strategies.

Smart Marketing Tips to Overcome the Challenges of COVID-19

Whether we like to admit it or not, this pandemic has almost never crossed our minds when we were planning our business strategies for the new year. These circumstances are a different ball game for us, and with it requires a change in strategy as well. Here are some smart tips that you can consider to give a much-needed normalcy for your business.

Tip #1: Stay connected to your customers.

People crave human connection more than ever. Take this time as an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with your customers by staying connected with them through the power of digital marketing.

Tip #2: Organise online events.

People are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves busy amid the quarantine period. Find ways to engage with your target market by offering valuable workshops and other events that can be organised through Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Tip #3: Modify your pre-pandemic promos.

At a time like this, every little act of service matters. If in case you rolled out discounts or other promos before the quarantine period, consider modifying its terms and conditions (e.g. extend the promo period) in order to accommodate the current situation.

Tip #4: Offer gift cards and vouchers.

Many businesses aren’t able to offer goods and services during this time due to certain quarantine restrictions. Continue earning through advanced sales. Offer gift cards or vouchers that can be redeemed once everything is back to normal.

Tip #5: Share relevant content.

Give people enough reasons to join your online community by sharing relevant information about the current situation. Ask yourself how you can use your brand to educate and entertain your target market who are stuck at home all day.

Responsible Marketing During the Pandemic

While we hope to encourage you to continue your business during these challenging times, the hard truth is that we can’t continue business as usual. We are moving amid a very sensitive situation, which calls for a great deal of empathy and mindfulness as entrepreneurs and businesses with voices.

Continue with a Purpose

Make it your mission to be of help to the community. This is the perfect time to reevaluate your brand values and align them to the current situation.

Be Sensitive with Your Content

It’s crucial to be informative without adding to the panic. Use the power of your voice to spread helpful information, but always make sure to double-check the credibility of your resources. Be careful to avoid sounding indifferent as well. Find the right balance between making the situation light and being sensitive.

We hope this timely post gave you the courage to pivot your marketing strategies during this COVID-19 era. If you need help in executing these plans, feel free to give as a nudge and we’d gladly help you out!

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