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Creative Services For Start-Ups and Small Businesses

In an increasingly competitive Australian business environment, small businesses and start-ups need every possible advantage. Going up against larger, better funded, and longer established firms requires more innovation and work to get noticed.

Many companies do not have the kind of expertise in-house to garner the market attention they both need and deserve. For this reason, we provide consulting services designed to make lean and mean small businesses and start-ups even more visible.

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Branding provides the best way to connect your company’s products and/or services to consumers.  In the 21st century, branding is bigger than consumer perception of a company. 

Establishing a brand starts with an innovative and attention-getting top-down message. Until the digital age, most efforts stopped there. Now consumers expect interaction, a shared sense of purpose, and more in-depth engagement overall. 

In many cases, we can help newer and smaller companies earn more notice and customers through digital era marketing techniques.

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Content Creation

We also work to provide interesting, entertaining, and useful brand-related content for business marketing. Blog articles, website text, and other marketing materials, when done right, can both attract attention and reinforce your company’s perception as a leader and as a source of essential knowledge on a topic.

Check out our full array of services today. 

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Older people often don’t love it or even get it, but videography is already an essential marketing skill in the world of YouTube and TikTok. 

If you want to connect to a younger market, or to get ahead of the curve on what will work with older consumers in the future, start incorporating videos into marketing.

Most of the time, a clever or funny video that hits the mark can provide a tremendous jolt to your efforts.

Those that miss, however, end up in the bin labelled “cringeworthy.”

Our team understands the market segment that loves videos. We can make attention-getting clips and gifs that entertain and promote your brand.

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Social Media

Like email marketing, too many people wrongly assume that social media is free. While it requires no investment of money, using social media efficiently involves research, planning, and precise execution. Companies need to invest a great deal of staff time and resources, none of which come cheap.

Our team’s lengthy experience in social media marketing can help you craft a campaign that creates results

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Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing remains the top dog in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. One can easily develop lists, categorise them for effectiveness, then send out customised blasts to appropriate segments of the market. 

Artificial intelligence will boost effectiveness even further when it can perform many of these functions automatically. Some systems already have this capability.

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