Is Your Website Outdated?



In an ever growing digital world where a whopping 380 new websites are created every minute, what steps can you take to ensure that your business website stands out?

Studies show that the average person spends about 50 Milliseconds (not even a whole second!) to decide whether or not they would like to engage with a company’s website, so how can we make those 50 Milliseconds really count? Sounds like a lot of pressure doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds.

One particular tool that we love to promote here at Oakwill is Rebranding and keeping your brands website up to date. This is used for businesses who already have a stable identity but feel that their website may be getting outdated.

Maybe you’re a well versed business owner but are still feeling unfamiliar or overwhelmed by the process that goes into having an updated, sleek designed and high customer converting website.

Or maybe you’re a business owner that is looking to rebrand your website but are still unsure where to start or if rebranding would be worth the effort. Let us give you some insight to help illuminate the pros and cons.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is giving a fresh approach to your brand’s existing identity, sort of like a makeover for your brand, Sounds fun doesn’t it? It’s always important to remember to think about your branding beyond your own personal taste. For example, you might love your branding but does it align with what your customers are attracted to also?

This May Include:

  1. Providing a new and exciting colour scheme to your brands identity
  2. Updating the functionality of your website

Here’s Four Questions You May Want to Ask Yourself:

Does It Catch Your Potential Customers Eye?

Whilst you may love your branding, take a moment to reflect on who your target clientele is. What do you think they would be looking for? What would draw their attention? Is it a possibility that with a slight change in branding that you would attract more of their attention?

How Much Traction Are You Receiving?

A website, ideally should be a game changer for your business, as it’s an accessible way to contact and educate your customers about your product or services.

Has Your Website Been Lacking Conversions Due to Poor Ux (User-Experience)?

Faults in websites such as buttons, contact forms, missing imagery or even just an overall hard to navigate website can be extremely frustrating for your potential customers. Frustrate them enough with the complexity of navigating around your website and they might just end up hiring or buying from one of your industry competitors instead.

What Are Some Websites That You Have Visited That Have Drawn Your Attention?

Studies show that the screen time of an average adult in Australia is around 4-6 hours per day.

With this being said, odds are that you have come across multiple websites each day, meaning that you are capable of telling a good and effective website from a poor and less interesting website.

With this in mind, we’d like you to think about some of the better websites that you’ve visited.

What made you want to engage with that website? Was it the colours, the accessibility or any other aesthetic attribute?

Now, if you were to somehow stumble across your website, what do you think the outstanding and poor attributes would be?

Benefits of Rebranding

Rebranding can give your brand a more polished, attractive and memorable look to your brands identity.

If done correctly, this can widely increase the traction of your websites as well as increasing your website customer enquiries, meaning that you are able to secure clients that you would not have been able to otherwise. Sounds great right?

It’s possible that your website may be getting “lost” in a sea of other identical websites with similar aesthetics or overall ‘template’ looking sites.

If you’ve caught yourself questioning if it’s time for you to consider rebranding, it comes down to wanting to set yourself apart from your competitors. Staying relevant is one of the most important but often overlooked key to the success of your brand 

When Should I Be Looking To Rebrand?

If you’re reading this far ahead, we’d say you’re likely to be already considering rebranding! If not, you may in the future. Here are a few indicators that it is time to give your brand a “makeover”.

  1. Has there been a significant change to your brands values/purpose?
  2. Are you looking to increase your bottom line and expand your clientele?
  3. Are you growing beyond your current brand identity?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any one of these, chances are you should be looking to rebrand!

Where Do I start?

So you’ve decided to rebrand but where do you start? With this increasing pressure to perform and draw attention from your competitors, you might feel overwhelmed or even a little uneasy.

Luckily, here at Oakwill we’ve made a relaxing and exciting experience! We aim to cater to the needs of your brand at Oakwill with different design and development packages created just for you!

Why not contact us for your free quote today? https://oakwillagency.com/contact/


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