Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2021? – A Reality Check

Email Marketing


Nowadays, thousands of brands use various modes of digital marketing to reach out to the target buyers and promote their services and products online. However, not all modes of digital marketing tend to be equally effective.

With time, new technologies and methods are gaining prominence. Email marketing which was used extensively in the early days of the internet, is overlooked by many marketers now. They feel the social media channels are ruling the marketing realm. While the social media platforms are immensely effective, you can’t just write email marketing off as obsolete-even in 2021!

Understanding Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant in 2021

– Preferred Mode of Communication

Despite the newer modes of digital marketing like YouTube and Instagram taking over, email marketing is not dead. A section of your target users, especially those in their 40s and 50s, still prefer email over other online modes. As it is, email access is a smooth process for smartphone users.

Wider Reach

Email marketing helps your brand reach out to the target users of varying age and income profiles. Even those who are not much tech-savvy feel comfortable handling emails. There are people who do not use their social media accounts regularly, but they are particular about checking their email accounts. Using specialized email marketing software, it is easy to design personalized email marketing campaigns.

Affordable Option

Email marketing was and still is one of the cheaper digital marketing modes, and you should utilize it to your advantage! It is quite affordable, and in this method, there is no need to print anything or spend after postage. In fact, you can compare the email marketing tools and then pick the one that matches your budget and usage needs.

– Builds Connect With Customers

While non-personalized emails may not be preferred by most people, it is a fact that personalized emails receive a better response. The brands can utilize personalized emails to develop strong bonds with existing customers. This can be useful for offering such customers special promotions and deals on their personal events. You can offer them personalized discount coupons on birthdays or anniversaries- for example.

– Easy Promotion Scope

When you post in your brand’s social media profiles, all users get to see the same content- albeit at different timing. While there is nothing wrong with that, email marketing lets you choose the content just like you want. With it, you can segregate the existing customers into various categories and send them good content afterwards. You can design different content for loyal customers, first-time buyers and returning customers, for example. This eventually leads to better customer experience.

Overall, email marketing is a widely used and flexible mode of digital marketing that is still useful and relevant. You can use it in alliance with other means of digital marketing.

Hire the Right Agency for Effective Email Marketing

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