How to Market Smarter, Not Louder


In a time where consumers can literally and figuratively get anything they want at the tip of their fingertips—from information to products—the digital realm is becoming more and more of a saturated marketing platform.

As a startup business competing with bigger brands, it may be tempting to join the clutter in order to attract attention. We get it, every brand is trying to be heard. So before putting your money and effort on the line, let’s get one thing straight: marketing louder won’t cut it.

The best way to navigate through this noisy online world is to MARKET SMARTER, NOT LOUDER.

There is just too much screaming happening online already! If you want to be listened to, you need to be strategic on how you put your content out there.

Today, we’re giving you a list of wise tips on cutting through the noise of the digital marketing realm.

1. Be strategic

Obvious as it may seem, but many business owners still seem to think they can win the game by skipping this step. Digital marketing is not something you can simply wing. You are trying to navigate a whole wide jungle in here. You got to have a strategy in place. Identify your audience, the conversations they are interested in, and the ideal voice they would want to listen to.

2. Bring value

You can post on social media twice per day or roll out a blog post every single day, but if your content lacks substance, your audience will still refuse to listen to you. People are seeking value. So aim for quality and not quantity.

Inform. Be of help. Provide solutions.

3. Build relationships

We know this is a cliché, but it’s a cliché that drove each of our clients to marketing success. If you want to grab attention and sustain it, it’s necessary to build long-term relationships. Because people listen when they trust. Care genuinely and engage consistently with your audience.

4. Be selective

You need not tire yourself out from growing presence on every social media platform out there. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort promoting where your audience isn’t present. Utilise online marketing channels wisely and only select where your specific target market is at.

5. Bring out your strengths

What problem is your product or service trying to solve? What is your unique selling proposition? What makes you better than all the other brands? Amplify these things. Consumers will notice you if they see the value you are bringing to the table.

6. Build your branding

Last but arguably the most important tip: build your branding. Take your time in crafting an image and experience that will captivate your target audience. You don’t have to market louder to be heard, you just need to be relevant and relatable.

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