Your ULTIMATE GUIDE to Micro-Video Content

“With great video content, comes greater visibility.”

Well that’s what we’d like to think Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in the 2002 Spider-man film (anyway let’s get back to it).

If you’ve read any of our recent blog posts, you should already be well aware of how important video marketing is for any business. Not only are videos helpful, easy to watch, and engaging they also make up for 82% of the internet’s traffic in 2020.

Micro-Video Content: What is it?

Micro-Video Content or often sometimes referred to as (Short Form Content) is becoming more and more common in social media marketing. Short Form content is generally created out of a longer form video which are over 1 minute long. This allows you to show viewers snippets or highlights from the original video to try and influence them to go consume the full long-form video.

Why You Shouldn’t Upload Videos Anywhere!

Marketers and even business owners are starting to realise everybody views and engages with content on all types of social media platforms differently. Facebook & Instagram (although you can see their similarities) they are both used in extremely different ways by billions of users. This applies to how people might use YouTube compared to Tiktok etc.

Each social media user has their different approaches to how they use each platform so it’s important to understand when working with video content when and where the best platforms will perform whether it’s long-form or short-form video. On different platforms, we are able to dedicate our attention span based on what platform we are watching content on.

How Long Should a Micro-Video Be?

Micro videos can run anywhere from a few seconds up to one minute, it’s important to keep the videos clear and short, leaving your consumers wanting to watch more. The shorter your micro-content is, the easier to view (when it comes back to the whole consumer attention span we spoke about earlier) which means they’re more likely to watch the video in its entirety.

What Does Micro-Video Content Look Like?

Generally, Micro-Video Content will be a 1:1 (Square Ratio) or 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels in dimension in the video however, this can determine the dimensions of your chosen platform to upload your micro-video.

Click the play button below to watch one of our recent micro-videos we created for one of our clients over at RP Wealth Management in Oran Park.

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