Digital Marketing: Expectation Vs. Reality

Digital Marketing


Words can’t emphasise enough the great opportunities that digital marketing has brought to brands. Still, many business owners have flawed ideas about digital marketing that hinders them from enjoying its full benefits.

In today’s article, we will attempt to debunk these marketing myths once and for all. By the end of this post, our hope is for you to get a better understanding of the whole concept of digital marketing, and get your mind ready for the exciting benefits that are ahead of you.

Expectation: Everyone is a marketer.

Reality: Only an expert marketer can come up with a marketing strategy that performs.

There’s no denying that technology has made marketing simpler and more powerful for business owners. However, many seem to think that marketing itself is as easy as 1-2-3. While the process itself can be understood and done at everyone’s convenience, keep in mind that there’s still a lot of things that go with setting up a winning digital marketing campaign. Case in point, branding, and strategy.

Sure, you know how to do graphic design, but do you know how to design marketing collaterals that sell? You might know how to write, but do you know how to write copies that trigger conversion? 

Expectation: A single marketing material can be used across all platforms.

Reality: You need to tailor-fit your messages for different digital marketing platforms.

Audiences behave differently on every digital media channel. How a person uses Facebook can be different from how he or she uses Instagram. A person’s motivation to click on a search engine can be different from his or her motivation when this person clicks a link from a newsletter. 

This explains why you can’t have a universal message for all digital marketing platforms. For an effort to work, make sure to get to know your audience first, and then create materials that are tailor-fit to their specific demographics and psychographics.

Expectation: Digital marketing is all about social media.

Reality: There are other channels too like search engines and email.

The biggest charm of social media as a digital marketing channel is its ability to perform without breaking the bank. It also adds that a huge chunk of the world’s population uses social media on a daily basis.

However, a wise marketer knows the significance of using a mix of different marketing channels to develop a campaign that will produce results. You don’t necessarily have to implement all available platforms out there—just the ones that fit your objectives and audience.

Expectation: You can simply set-up your digital marketing and then forget it.

Reality: Digital marketing requires constant monitoring to be successful.

The convenience offered by digital marketing doesn’t mean you can simply set-up a campaign and then forget it. “Let the Internet sell for you,” as they often say. While digital marketing allows you to reach your target customers even while sleeping, this doesn’t mean that you can simply set it and forget it. Digital marketing is a continuous effort. You constantly have to nurture your target market to push them to the end of their buying journey.

Expectation: Brand awareness is equal to conversion.

Reality: If you want conversions, you need to optimise your campaigns for conversion.

The same way that you need to customise your messages for your varying audiences should be the same way that you customise your content for your different objectives. You can’t achieve brand awareness and customer conversion all at once. Buyers go through several stages through their buying journey—from brand awareness to consideration to conversion. As people’s behaviour changes across these phases, you need to customise your messaging in a way that fits their motivation to act the way you want to.

To Wrap-It Up

Without a whiff of doubt, digital marketing is a powerful gift of technology—but only if you know what you’re doing. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of online marketing, feel free to talk to us. Leave digital marketing to the experts so you have more time to focus on other important parts of the business.

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