Smart and Responsible Marketing Tips in Time of COVID-19


The opening of a new decade has shaken us with different adversities left and right. And with this, small businesses have been facing great impacts that continue to challenge entrepreneurs during this time of uncertainty. Believe us when we say that we understand you. Being a business owner is already a daring feat in itself. But being a business owner in a time like this? That’s a different level of difficulty. 

As we face what probably is the most unimaginable crisis this generation has encountered to date, our purpose is to help you ease your worries by providing actionable plans on how to continue marketing your business smartly and responsibly. Our hope for you is to realise how these challenges are actually opportunities to shape up your company culture and improve your marketing strategies.

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5 Reasons Why Having a Brand Voice is Important


Learn how defining your brand voice can help you become the market leader of your industry. Here’s a bookmark worthy read straight from our branding specialist!

When a business idea fails, entrepreneurs try to pin down the many possible causes why things did not fly as expected. Typical reasons business owners look at ranges from lack of finance to poor employee performance. However, what entrepreneurs seem to always fail to notice is bad branding.

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Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead


A whopping 99% of consumers check their emails every single day. This statistic alone easily answers the million-dollar question, “Is email marketing dead?” The truth of the matter is, it remains to be one of the most reliable strategies since the dawn of the Digital Age.

As a business owner, you may be under the assumption that email marketing doesn’t work anymore—at least not as good as the newer strategies like social media marketing. With its reputation as one of the most spammy digital channels, we couldn’t blame you.

But hey, as an expert in the field of digital marketing, we’re here to tell you that it still absolutely works! It’s been working for our clients, and it will work for you too—if, and only if, you know how to utilise it correctly.

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How To Create Effective Social Media Content (For Beginners)


Why Posting Social Media Content Is a Must for Any Business

Social media content marketing is one of the most effective methods to develop your brand’s online presence, grow your audience engagement, and drive your sales up. It is a mission-critical growth strategy that allows your potential customers to better connect with your brand by building value and trust without ever really needing to talk to them directly.

Think of it this way, you are standing in a room filled with your potential customers. Content marketing is like holding a megaphone, allowing you to get these people’s attention all at once. However, you need to be aware that consumers have increasingly evolved into wise decision-makers over the years. Standing in front of them holding a megaphone just won’t cut it—you need a strategic social media content plan that pushes potential customers through their buying journey.

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Your ULTIMATE GUIDE to Micro-Video Content

“With great video content, comes greater visibility.”

Well that’s what we’d like to think Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in the 2002 Spider-man film (anyway let’s get back to it).

If you’ve read any of our recent blog posts, you should already be well aware of how important video marketing is for any business. Not only are videos helpful, easy to watch, and engaging they also make up for 82% of the internet’s traffic in 2020.

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How to STOP Leaving Money on the Table with Your Content Marketing Strategy!


TV Commercials and Why They Are Dying

When we first started to identify that our clients were not implementing video into their content strategy we started to worry..

Let us ask you a quick question!
If you are watching a show on TV and the show goes to a commercial break

What do you do?

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Why Having the Correct File Formats Are Important (And How to Use Them Correctly)


You’ve just finished the process of having your logo designed for your business and received your final files from your designer. You may be wondering — what do I do with these? Why are there so many different formats? What’s a vector file?

It can all be pretty confusing right? Well after working with a wide range of different clients across a wide range of industries we wanted to share not only why having the correct design file formats are important but also how to use them correctly.

Let’s Start!

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