Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing For Start-Ups & Small Business


Nowadays, businesses in any discipline have to rely a lot on digital technologies. The start-ups and growing small entities in Australia are no exception. No matter how much hard work you put in to make your products stand out or use competitive pricing, digital marketing is what you will need. Your venture will gain immensely from the usage of social media marketing.

By using the social media tools in apt ways, you will be able to boost brand image, enhance customer base and get a competitive edge.

Listed here are the top benefits of using social media marketing for Australian start-ups and small businesses:

– Your brand getting more web traffic- Through effective and strategically devised social media marketing, your brand gets more online traffic. A lot of your target customers spend several hours per day on popular social media platforms. Your brand ads posted on those online platforms help attract them to your website. When the site traffic is increased, so does the conversion rate.

– Saving on marketing costs- When your business is still growing, you may have to limit the expenditure for marketing. For the start-ups in Australia, spending after traditional marketing methods can be difficult. This is where the big brands get an edge. However, you can make up by utilising Social media marketing. Instead of spending after huge sized billboards and glow signs, use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote your products online. The cost of endorsing products and services on social media platforms is less compared to what you would spend after traditional advertising.

– Wider and faster reach– The digital start-ups and SMEs with growth plans benefit from using social media platforms. You may use email or traditional advertising to reach out to the target customers, but that would require plenty of time. On the contrary, you are able to reach out to more target customers faster by using social media channels. Most of them check their Instagram profiles and YouTube more frequently than they log into their email accounts, as it is! So, a Facebook post or YouTube teaser video on upcoming products will reach more people faster than an email containing similar content!

– Better customer service- A lot of your target customers rely more on social media channels than other means to give their feedback and lodge grievances online. They find those platforms better suited than telephone or email. This also enables your brand to deploy cross-selling techniques.

– Enhanced customer loyalty and brand perception– Nowadays, most people rely on brands that have a solid social media presence. For SMEs and digital start-ups, developing trust is a must. The customers will stick to your brand if they find it active on social media channels. You will be able to gain their loyalty and trust by using such platforms effectively. Using online quizzes, polls or surveys on these platforms will keep such customers engaged and interested.

Wrapping Up

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