Assessing a Digital Marketing Agency: A One-Stop Guide

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Nowadays, it is tough to sustain in a competitive industry without resorting to effective digital marketing strategies.

Whether you want to sell FMCG or baby garments in the Australian market,

reaching out to the target customers and convincing them about the USP of your brand products is essential. The reality is a majority of target customers stay online most of the time. To reach out to them, you will need an effective and customized digital marketing strategy. Hiring a suitable digital marketing agency in Australia is what you need to do.

However, you must know how to assess these entities before hiring one for your brand.

6 Highly Recommended Ways to Assess a Digital Marketing Agency


Knowing your company goals

Before hiring a digital marketing agency in Australia, you must understand what the purposes of your brand are. Is it a start-up on a fast growth trajectory or a midsized business venturing into new territories? What about the target turnover? Once you are clear on these – things become easier. It is also better for the agency that you will be hiring to reach your business goals.

Identifying the costs

The charges of digital marketing agencies in Australia can vary. It depends

on factors like duration of the campaign, channels covered, type of target audience and so on. Some agencies will offer you a quote while others will provide customization. In any case, professional digital branding and marketing agencies remain clear on the charges.

Research the agencies

This is something you can’t skip when comparing and hiring

digital marketing service providers in Australia. Take time to do a background check of entities offering branding and online marketing services. How long has such a company been in this sector? You also need to see the clientele such an agency has. It is better if an agency has expertise in catering to your business niche

Customer Social Proof

What can be better than assessing the credibility of a digital

marketing agency than checking the feedback of its existing clients! The client testimonials can be found on their sites. However, you can walk the extra mile in this regard. Check out the social media profiles of these entities as well.

Service customisation

The term digital marketing is like a broad umbrella covering a range of services to promote brands online. It can include niches like Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC, E-mail marketing, and more. Ensure the agency you hire covers these services and offers ample customisation possibilities. For example, you may prefer promotion through selected social media platforms for your venture.

Checking terms and conditions

Before you sign up for services of a digital marketing agency in Australia, ensure you read the service terms well. This makes things better for both parties.


1. Know your company goals

2. Identify potential costs

3. Research agencies

4. Gather social proof

5. Study available services you may require

6. Read the T&Cs

Assessing and hiring a digital marketing agency to promote your brand and reach out to target buyers should not be tedious. But this is a task you should not try to accomplish in a hurry. revert promptly, and never shy away from resolving queries of prospective clients.

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