7 Essential Elements for a Stand Out Branding Strategy


There are MILLIONS of brands in the world. Even if you compete with only a chunk of the globe’s businesses, you still grapple with an overwhelming amount of competition—which has been made even more complicated in an age where information can be accessed easily.

Every brand is vying for visibility. Each one is a contender for the consumers’ attention. If you want to get noticed by your target market, you have to truly stand out.

And how do you build a branding strategy that stands out? You have to make sure that it has these seven essential elements.

1. Understanding

The most successful brands took their time to get to know the market they were about to enter and serve. What are their interests? What topics tug at their heartstrings? What triggers them to engage? This understanding allows you to approach and talk to your audience in a way that levels with your target’s lifestyle, behaviour, and motivations. 

2. Visibility

We can already hear you saying, “Really, visibility? That’s common sense!” Before you exit this tab and believe this article offers nothing but basic branding tips, hear us first. Where most business owners fail is when they think that simply posting regularly on their social media pages and blog sections are enough to reach their target audience. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Organic posting can only get you so far—that’s how the algorithm of these platforms work. If you want to boost your visibility and cut the content clutter, you gotta invest in paid advertising too.

3. Personality

Your personality is one of your best weapons in winning against your competitors—given that you were able to develop a relatable and personable brand personality. Why so? Because a surefire way to stand out in the minds of your target audience is to develop meaningful connections with them.

4. Differentiation

As a startup business, it’s easy to get caught up in what the others are doing. Don’t be afraid to be different! If you want to stand out, you have to differentiate your brand among the rest. Focus on your strengths and let your target market know why you are the best choice among their other options.

5. Story

Over the years, consumers have become amazingly wise. What works before doesn’t simply work all the time now. Case in point, hard selling. People don’t easily fall for this kind of messaging anymore. Consumers are clamouring for sincerity. And how do you do this? By sharing your story. What led you to build your business? Let your story shine in your strategy.

6. Experience

Branding goes way beyond designing your logo and crafting compelling content. Branding is the overall experience your target market goes through at every touchpoint with your brand—from the first time they come across your business up to the after-sales service. Delivering a positive brand experience will no doubt carve your spot in the hearts of the consumers.

7. Consistency

We’ve talked about this a ton of times in our previous blog posts but we’ll never get tired of saying this (because that’s what consistency is!)—consistency is key if you want to build a winning branding strategy. You can’t build your brand image overnight. Strong branding requires continuous effort.

And that’s about it for this week’s blog post! Let us know what you want to know next, and we just might feature it on our next few articles.

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