5 Tips for Scroll-Stopping Social Media Graphic Design


Let’s break today’s article with a question. Whether you found this blog post on a social media post, via email blast, or search engine, how long did it take you to decide that you want to read more of what’s inside the link?

Chances are, it took you a quick few seconds to do that.

Believe it or not, studies show that our attention span has been narrowed down to a shocking 8 seconds over the years because of social media consumption. Furthermore, research reveals that it only takes a fast 50 milliseconds for our brains to form an opinion on a visual.

As crazy as it seems, you only have a VERY short timeframe to grab the attention of your audience with your social media posts. 

What to do? In this article, we’ve gathered tips from graphic designers and branding experts on how to maximize your social media channels and create scroll-stopping visuals for your next posts.

1. Size matters

It may be tempting to create a single image size for all your social media channels—after all, this can save you tons of time and effort—but if you want your posts to be pleasing effective, you’re going to want to make sure your images adhere to the recommended dimensions of each different social media platform.

2. Use colour contrast

Use contrasting colours on your visuals. Take a look at the colour wheel and combine colours that oppose each other. Do this without compromising your branding guidelines.

Another tip is to avoid using colours that clash with the interface of the social media platforms that you are using. This will also help make your visuals pop better.

3. Emphasize the essentials

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, social media audiences have a very limited attention span. Every second matter. With this, you want to make sure that the essence of your posts is given away before the consumers decide to continue scrolling their timeline. Keep your in-art texts to a minimum of 20%.

4. Use relevant images

Using stock images is not a bad idea at all. But It’s important to make sure that you choose those that are truly relevant and reflective of the angle of your post. You don’t want to mislead users. At the same time, your goal should be to get quality engagement.

5. Humanize your content

Use “human” elements in creating your visuals. You can post behind-the-scenes of how you make your products, show-off images of your hardworking employees, or upload customer testimonials with photos of clients. Humanizing your content is a great way to show sincerity in your posts.

6. Keep it simple

The last tip is to just keep it simple. While undoubtedly powerful and effective, social media platforms are already crowded as it is. You don’t want to create more noise by overdoing your designs. Disrupt the clutter by making your social media posts clean, crisp, and clear.

And that’s it for this week’s blog posts! Hope you picked up a thing or two today. See you again next week for more helpful tips on branding, design, and digital marketing!













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